Things you should know about Lambert, Mississippi

It’s not often that we discover a new destination where we’ve never been before. The world is filled with interesting places that can’t wait for us to discover them. And one of them is indeed Lambert, a town located in Quitman County, in the state of Mississippi.

Even though the population number is rather small, the city is filled with different cool places to visit and a blasting economy. It’s a great area if you’re looking for something quiet but not boring.

Especially if you’re not a big fan of the cold season, you’ll love the climate here in Lambert. You’ll be mesmerized by the hot summers and mild winters. According to a certain climate classification system, in Lambert, there’s a humid subtropical climate.



The population here consists mostly of young people which is a positive aspect of the economy and culture.

The county were Lambert is located is known to be incredibly rich in soil. This feature attracted many people and the progress is visible today because there are several companies that moved here to benefit from the positive things.

Therefore, no other town in the Mississippi Delta has managed to have such a bright outlook and growth like Lambert. The main advantage this small town has is that it is surrounded by a vast array of farmers that increase the agriculture in this area.  


The most interesting aspect regarding Lambert is that the land here is owned by many families and each gets a few hundred acres or even less to take care of. This translates to better results and increased production because each farmer wants to be certain they have something to bring on the table.

On top of that, having so many people involved in the farming process makes excellent business for Lambert. This way, the town has a great degree of merchants, more than any other location in Quitman County. In addition, this is the where a large volume of trade is carried by individuals. Compared to other areas in the county, Lambert gets extra credit for trade, economic development, and agriculture.



In case you didn’t know, the Lambert Neighborhood is known all across the country for having more than 8,000 bales of cotton produced each year. Not to mention that it’s expected a larger quantity for the following years.

Over the past years, Lambert has developed so much in terms of modern constructions and shopping areas. Today, there’s a three-story office building, the biggest one in the entire Quitman County. Aside from this, you’ll find cool stores where you can do your shopping. The town has a bank, several cotton gins, and sawmills.