3 mouth-watering meals to make at the campsite

When going camping, people are not so much worried about what clothes to pack and what sunscreen to wear. Their main obsession is regarded to what food will they be eating and what ingredients to pack in order to make the outdoor experience a memorable one.

Fortunately, there are simple recipes that you can use that will bring tons of joy and delight without having to spend hours cooking. Here you have a list that you can use for your next camping adventure:

  1. Tofu and Eggplant Bundles

Because not everyone eats meat, we should consider an alternative. Tofu is an excellent choice that can be easily packed. Plus, it removes that awkward situation when one of your friends or family members is a vegetarian and you all enjoy a delicious burger and he or she has no other choice than to stare at you. The best part is that the recipe is easy to make and you only need simple ingredients such as eggplants, ginger, garlic, vegetable oil, cucumbers, cilantro, dill, and rice.

Start by sealing the ingredients in a reusable bag and let them chill for at least one hour. Then, heat the grill to a high temperature, divide the tofu into small pieces and seal them securely. Afterwards, you can grill the bundles until the eggplant is tender enough. Mix the salad ingredients, unwrap the bundles and put the salad inside along with the boiled rice.

  1. Omelette wedges

There’s nothing like a breakfast of the champs! Since we all love a good omelette to start the day with, you can’t go wrong with this treat. It only takes 20 minutes to cook it but the taste is simply to die for.

Get some spring onions and chop them fast. Then, slice some potatoes and boil them in a pan with salted water for up to 10 minutes, until they get tender. Drain the potatoes and heat a frying pan where you can put some bacon and let it turn into a pink-shade color. Add the spring onions, stir briefly and tip the bacon and the onion into a clean bowl. Break some eggs, add mustard, pepper, and salt. Grate the cheese, add the eggs, as well as the bacon, potatoes, and onions. Gently stir this entire mix and let the omelette cook over a low heat for 6 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese and tomatoes. Once cooked cut into wedges and serve them with toast or ketchup.

  1. Grilled Chocolate Banana Foil

When the kids are having a sweet tooth, you can make this quick dessert that takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare. Take a few bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and crunch cereals and preheat the grill to medium heat. Just slice the banana lengthwise and create a little space so you can easily insert the marshmallows and the chocolate chips. Wrap all of the bananas in foil and cook them on the grill for 5 minutes. When the marshmallows are a tas toasted, unwrap the banana and put the cereals on top.